Saturday, February 19, 2011

The imminent arrival

So the patient wait is over (sort of)

The house will finally be finished for Friday this week all that is left to do now is the painting of the concrete and the board on the deck.

It’s been a long haul and it feels like it has dragged on forever since December, it seems to have been one thing after the other with this build at least its remained constant.

This build has been the biggest learning curve for me and there have been some rather interesting meltdown moments that all seem to disappear in to the haze and the wave of pure excitement and exhilaration looms overhead.

The packing has begun..... Well it’s not really like it has ever stopped since I decided to build the house. from day dot I have been distracting myself with small and large purchases for the house which in theory sounded good but I seriously have no idea what I have packed into those boxes, I have a feeling that unpacking is going to be a little like Christmas all over again.

After last weekend’s massive deluge of rain the poor builder had to replace all the skirting and architraves due to the painter taking of the door seals to paint thus letting in all the water to the house, but the tanks are finally connected and full so at least it brought some positives.

We planted the letterbox this week which makes it feel all the more homely and in true form it is vintage and green (of course) I am not sure this obsession with 50's mint green is healthy as I seem to buy anything that is in that colour nowadays....let’s wait and see what in the boxes first though.

Anyway all is sunny on the Castlemaine front, stay tuned for the next blog entry when I have the furniture in.