Friday, July 2, 2010

Two weeks Too wet

So finally we are ready to start building.....or so I thought, have just been in contact with the builder this week and it looks as though because of all the rain we have had this week it is too wet to start laying the slab.

I am guessing it’s too wet to start digging and leveling the site, so it looks as though it might be another 2 weeks before they start.
Perfect timing I think because I will be away with work for 3 weeks, might just have to hand over to my Architect to look after the build progress while I am away (sorry Steve)

What’s another two weeks really, I feel like I have been saying two weeks for six months, hopefully this time two weeks really does mean two weeks.

Excitement has been surpassed by complacency and I think I might just feel that way until I see the slab down and my timber frame walls up.
Well two weeks they say, let’s wait and see.
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