Monday, August 30, 2010

The birth

So after 9 months of diligently waiting for the arrival of my baby (with a few small complications) the labor has started.

The gravel is down, The huge amount of Styrofoam is in the ground and the slab was poured today (pictures to come) We headed up to Castlemaine on Saturday to check out the beginnings and discovered that along with the framework of the slab there is a whole lot of mud...... Fantastic to slosh around in my gumboots (I dream of one day owning a pair of 'Hunter' gumboots, you know the Queen has them)

Along with the excitement of the birth of my baby come some slight complications, one of those being that the slab itself will sit nearly 1/2 a meter out of the ground on the North side so we are now drafting plans for a fabulous deck so I don’t fall out the kitchen door when plucking veges from the garden.

Murphy's law is that I did not specify where the meter box would go so the electrician has wired it to proudly sit on the front north west corner of the house so it will be the first thing that you see when driving up to the nice. (It will now be moved to hide between the two water tanks)

Anyway it’s late and that enough of my rambles, more next week.