Sunday, September 11, 2011

few and far between

So I just realised that I haven’t posted since MAY... it’s been a long time coming.
I have been so busy and pre occupied with the house and the garden that posting online seemed to fall to the bottom of the list (plus we only just got the internet connected)
The project list has been long…..Very long, and I finally feel like I have reached the end of it… maybe.

With me the list seems to never end, there is always a new project, a new piece of salvaged furniture or a grand scheme to undertake.

For now my focus will be the garden and what seems to be a mountain of washing every week. The house has started to be rented out and after the feature and giveaway in the design files there seems to be a complete deluge of responses and a few bookings starting to pile up.

The project for this weekend consist of a couple of hospital bedside drawers my Mum got me from work and a set of school lockers that my neighbour threw out along with a giant can of paint stripper…..FUN, I will endeavour to get some before and after shots but knowing me I will get so excited about the project I will forget to take before pictures.

We won’t be heading up to the house this weekend as there is so much to do in Melbourne, so hopefully we get a booking in before the week ends otherwise we will just be forced to go up and enjoy the sunshine on Sunday afternoon ourselves…. The only bonus will be the lack of washing to be done.

Stay posted for more updates and more regular updates on future projects