Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Little Edie

Little Edie

So it was enviable that it would not be long before my fingers were itching for a new project…….. So we welcome “Little Edie” the newest edition to Grey Gardens.

It all began about 6 months ago when we were at the final stages of building and the last of the chaos was unfolding its self in full force,

I started to de-stress by putting out my feelers for a project to distract me and along came this very cute bondwood caravan. At the time it all seemed too hard and after Dad had done a trip up to Taggerty for me to check it out the reviews came back slightly less promising.

So the months dripped on and I de-stressed by gardening and hardgabaging to my hearts content but there was still thing niggling feeling inside and I kept dreaming of this amazing van.

So last weekend I took a road trip with my folks up to Taggerty (amidst the storms and torrential downpour that hit Melbourne) to visit Richard and Carole on their picturesque farm at Taggerty, with is beautiful oak trees water filled dams and the most amazing wisteria and ornamental grapevines I have ever seen.

We were greeted with a warm welcome and some very delicious home made rhubarb muffins (and I am still unsure of who really made them) and a hot cup of coffee, after some catching up and brief history on the farm and its previous owners we ventured down to the hay shed where the van is currently stored.

I have to say that it was love at first sight, yes she is a little old and a little dirty and a little covered in moss but her bone structure was amazing. I opened the door with anticipation and to my surprise the interior was near perfect (aside of some general wear and tear from 1950.

So it was later decided (after some lengthy persuasion) that we would buy the van and it would be our next project……. So now all we need to work out is how to bring it down from the mountain.

Stay tuned for new updates as this project progresses, in the meantime here are some pics to get your imagination going….

Note* the Bon Ami and sunlight soap under the sink was not a stylist touch it is “original”