Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A long time coming

So it’s taken a very very long time for me to get back onto the blog train...... a very long time, 10 months in fact! Is there anyone still out there?

It’s been a very crazy hectic year with loads of exciting stuff happening, Grey Gardens is heading along in a great direction and bookings are rolling in thick and fast, time for a new project?
Hold on wait a minute I hear you say, what about Edie? What about the caravan saga? Well the good news is we are nearly finished with the exterior renovation, thank god.

It’s been a bit of a long haul with a huge gap of nothing happening in the middle, we now have electric brakes, new tail lights, indicators and a shiny roof that’s been hand polished and buffed back to the 50s.
Steve has been working tirelessly on the exterior plywood, sanding, filling, priming and painting. it did seem overwhelmingly daunting after getting it back from the auto electrician but bit by bit we have chipped away (along with jig-sawed and sanded, filled and replaced)and Edie is starting to look like a new kind of girl altogether.

Another weekend of hard work this weekend replacing the electrics and giving her the first coat of paint and a tarted up 1950s lighting bold down the side then it’s off to Vic Roads to see what they have to say about it all.

For now here are some pictures from the last 10 months and what she is looking like now..... Stay tuned for more progress in the next few days