Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wrapped and Ready to roll….

So last weekend Steve Dad and I headed back up to Taggerty to get Little Edie ready for transport, with fears of rusted stabilizing jacks and tyre rims firmly planted in the now rock hard mud we were prepared for a fun day out.

Dad had the car laden with a myriad of tools for every job possible, along with a list neatly written out on a scrap of cardboard.

We arrived at the farm around 11am and headed straight down to the hay shed to free Little Edie from her tomb, armed with a can of WD40 we proceeded to wind up the stabilizing jacks with bated breath. With some gentle persuasion and a whole lot of surprise they wound up with ease.

Wearing a new set of tyres she was spun around in the hay shed and wheeled out with grace and precision, slowly Dad towed her up the hill to towards the house where she would rest until the tow truck man was due to pick her up.

We wrapped her with a coat of many colours (i.e. brown tarp) and made sure she was protected from the rain and storms, and said a sad goodbye and headed back to Melbourne.

Talks/Negotiations have already started on interior colours and her final fit-out etc, all yet to be worked out further once she is finally down the mountain.

In true Little Edie style Little Edie is hanging out in her tarp fashioned into a cape fastened with a rope “it’s the perfect outfit for the morning” she would say.